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Dreamy Serene Micro Pocket Spring Mattress - Double

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Experience unparalleled comfort with the Betalife Dreamy Serene Micro Pocket Spring Mattress. This luxurious mattress features an advanced dual pocket spring system, combining a traditional 5-zone pocketed spring layout with innovative micro pocket springs. This design minimises sleep disturbances and promotes healthy airflow, enhancing breathability.

The individually encased micro-springs provide up to 10% more tailored support, ensuring optimal spinal alignment and comfort. Through high-quality materials and precise manufacturing and assembly processes, superior durability and performance are guaranteed. Micro coil technology ensures even weight distribution, reducing pressure points and offering exceptional comfort.

Enhanced airflow through the micro-springs keeps the mattress dry and cool, further elevating the sleeping experience. Slow-responding memory foam conforms to your body shape, providing instant muscle relaxation and improving sleep quality.

The mattress is finished with a unique black fabric featuring anti-bacterial technology, increasing resistance to dust mites and allergens. Combining advanced support systems with hypoallergenic fabric, the Dreamy Serene Micro Pocket Spring Mattress offers a premium, hygienic sleeping experience. Choose this mattress for a superior sleep experience that blends innovative Micro Coil Technology with luxurious comfort and exceptional support.



  • Advanced technology combining 5-zone and micro pocket springs for enhanced support
  • Micro coil technology provides even weight distribution and reduces pressure point
  • Individually encased micro-springs provide tailored spinal support
  • Micro coil technology improves breathability, keeping the mattress dry and cool
  • Provides stable, long-lasting support, reducing mattress sagging and deformation
  • High-quality materials ensure superior durability and performance
  • Memory foam helps to reduce pressure and increase comfort
  • Anti-bacterial black fabric resists dust mites and allergens
  • Beautifully embossed mattress pattern


  • Product Dimensions(L W H): 137 x 188 x 32cm
  • Package Dimensions(L W H): 34 x 34 x 147cm
  • Product Weight: 40.9kg
  • Package Weight: 43.9kg
  • Mattress Thickness: 32cm
  • Material: Anti-bacterial Black Fabric / Memory Foam / High Density Foam / Micro Pocket Spring / Pocket Spring
  • Mattress Firmness: Soft
  • Mattress Size: Queen

Package Contents: 

1 x BetaLife Dreamy Serene Micro Pocket Spring Mattress - Double

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Ms J Clode
Wonderfully more comfortable

This review is from 80-year-old Ms Jan Clode who bought and is using the bed:
The mattress is wonderfully more comfortable than my old one. As you suggested, it took me 6-7 days to first adjust to it but now...!!!
I am having to get the legs of my bed lowered as the mattress makes it too high for me to get out of bed.