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Superior Series Mattress - King Single

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BetaLife Superior Series Mattress - KING SINGLE

BetaLife Mattresses choose pocket spring system over the traditional coil spring as we know this is way more ergonomical by taking different level of pressure that comes from different parts of body - head, should and hip, enhancing spinal support. Most advantageous feature being it greatly reduces partner disturbance by minimising motion transfer.

Superior series uses individual 16cm pocketed springs with 2.0 gauge to provide medium firmness; they are then encased in breathable non-woven fabric; upholstered with 20mm quality high density foam not just on the top but also on the 4 sides; comfortness further enhanced by 10mm eurotop design; then gently quilted with knitted polyester ticking.

Every-BODY deserve better 8-hour sleep everyday. Hmmmm...there is no better place than home!


  • BetaLife Superior Series Mattress - KING SINGLE
  • 16cm innerspring with 2.0mm gauge 6 turn coil
  • Individually encased pocket spring system
  • Minimise partner disturbance
  • Quilted with breathable material with soft touch
  • Padded with 25mm high density foam
  • Eurotop design - 10mm extra padding
  • Economical & practical
  • Upgraded version from Basics series
  • Fits standard king single bed


  • Product Dimensions (L W H): 203 x 107 x 19cm
  • Package Dimensions (L W H): 113 x 39 x 39cm
  • Package Weight: 23.8kg
  • Mattress Thickness: 19cm
  • Pocket Spring: 16cm coil, 6 turns & 2.0 gauge
  • Padding: 30mm high density foam / non-woven fabric
  • Quilt: Soft knitted polyester ticking
  • Firmness: Medium-firm
  • Series: Superior
  • Warranty: 5 Years

Package Contents:

1 x BetaLife Superior Series Mattress - KING SINGLE