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Deluxe Pro 7 Zones Pocket Spring Mattress - Double

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This Betalife Deluxe 7 Zones Pocket Spring mattress features a unique 7-zone pocket spring system that is zoned for different body parts and ergonomically designed to not only relieve pressure at contoured body points but also to reduce partner disruption during sleep. In addition, its springs have been upgraded with thicker and higher coils, where each precise spring is designed to adapt to your body's movements, providing deep support for your body and effectively protecting the health of your spine. The top of the mattress is made of a comfortable and breathable hypo-allergenic fabric that protects against dust mites so that even allergy sufferers can rest easily all night. This mattress will provide you with the perfect sleeping experience and will brighten up your bedroom.



  • 100% Brand New Deluxe Pro 7 Zones Pocket Spring Double Mattress
  • 7 zoned individual pocket springs system
  • Encased in breathable anti-bacterial knitted fabric
  • Upgraded series by thickened spring for a better load-bearing
  • Beautifully embossed mattress pattern
  • Move freely without causing uncomfortable bouncing
  • Luxury & comfortable mattress
  • Fits standard double bed



  • Product Dimensions(L W H): 137 x 188 x 32cm
  • Package Dimensions(L W H): 32 x 32 x 145cm
  • Product Weight: 34.1kg
  • Package Weight: 36.4kg
  • Mattress Thickness: 32cm
  • Material: Anti-bacterial Knitted Fabric / Pocket Spring / High Density Foam
  • Mattress Firmness: Medium
  • Mattress Size: Double

Package Contents: 

1 x Deluxe Pro 7 Zones Pocket Spring Mattress - DOUBLE



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