Bedside Table Buying Guide

Choosing the deal bedside table for your bedroom

When it comes to creating a comfortable and relaxing bedroom, two key aspects to consider are comfort and relaxation. Alongside a good bed and mattress, a bedside table plays a crucial role in helping you unwind and enjoy a restful sleep. This comprehensive bedside table buying guide will help you make an informed choice from a professional perspective.

There are a few things that need to be considered before searching for the ideal bedside tables.

Single or Pair: Symmetry and functionality

Before delving into the buying process, decide whether you need a single bedside table or a pair. For shared rooms, having a bedside table on each side of the bed caters to individual storage needs and creates a symmetrical appeal. Consider your available space and the desired aesthetic – some homeowners prefer two matching bedside tables for a welcoming look, while others opt to mismatched designs to add uniqueness to the bedroom’s overall design.

Size for the bedside table: Finding the perfect fit

The size of your bedside table should be determined by the height of your bed. Ideally, the table’s height should be within 5 – 10 cm of the mattress’s sight to ensure easy access. Additionally, the size should complement the bed’s design. For instance, if you have a California King bed on a low platform, a lower yet larger bedside table would be suitable. On the other hand, if you have a substantial and sturdy bed, paring it with slim and delicate bedside table creates a balanced look.

Exploring Styles: Aesthetic and Functionality

During your search, explore various styles of bedside tables to find one that complements your bedroom’s overall design:

Transform your bedside table into a decorating hub

Your bedside table serves as a focal point in your bedroom décor, so it’s essential to style it thoughtfully:

- Prioritize Lighting: A bedside lamp or wall fixture like a sconce should be the centerpiece of your bedside table. Ensure it provides sufficient illumination for nighttime activities.

- Personal Touches: Add happy pictures, plants or a wide bowl/tray to store personal items like phones while keeping the aesthetic attractive and practical.

- Include a Clock: Opt for a unique clock that complements your bedroom’s style and serves a clean and uncluttered appearance.

- Artistic Display: Elevate your bedside table’s elegance by hanging framed photographs or art against the wall with colors or styles that harmonize with each other.

A bedside table is an essential element in creating a comfortable and relaxing bedroom ambiance. By considering symmetry, size, style, and thoughtful decorations, you can find the perfect bedside table that complements your bedroom’s design aesthetic while providing functionality and comfort.